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Gizelle Bryant, looking repulsed, said: 'I don't ever want to see that again.'Following the speeches Karen's children played a message from her elderly mother, Georgia, who has been diagnosed with early dementia and Karen broke down in tears.

The season two finale also saw Robyn confront husband Juan about improving their relationship.

I might even mirror the ceiling too.'Karen, seemingly unimpressed with her décor plans, told the cameras: 'Her taste is not mine.'Ashley, however, was more positive and after helping sage the house to remove bad energy she commented: 'Just like out with Karen and in with Monique.'As guests arrived for Karen and Ray's party, it became apparent that the housewives were confused by the dress code and thought Karen had said 'African-Indian' rather than Bollywood.

Karen, meanwhile, presented husband Ray with a flirty gift – a provocative photo of herself in one of his shirts.

Watching Ray's dancing with an open mouth, Monique Samuels said: 'I don't care how much rhythm he's got, but they're giving us way too much detail right now.

They need to go just get some sex.'Robyn Dixon whispered: 'He might not get back up.'Karen's move to a nine-bedroom, 14,000 square foot home in Great Falls caused flared tempers when the housewives gathered at Charrisse Jackson-Jordan's champagne room party.

The Real Housewives Of Potomac will air part one of its two-part reunion show next week on Bravo.

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